Announcing the Second Wind Career Strategies Website Launch!

Jan 16, 2022 | News | 0 comments

How many times have you been told, “better late than never?” How many times has life gotten in the way, pushing some important tasks further and further down on your to-do list? Sadly, the Second Wind Career Strategies website was one such task.  But, I can now proudly announce that the wait is finally over and our new website is live!

Why the wait? What possibly could have gotten in the way? The first year, I was focused on my clients and helping them achieve their goals.  Marketing and business development wasn’t a priority since all of my clients came through word of mouth or LinkedIn.

One of my Second Wind clients wanted to transition from years of insurance marketing to a new career in business-to-business marketing. After just a short time working together, he landed an amazing role for a leading consulting firm doing the kind of marketing he wanted!

Another client’s position was being eliminated due to a restructuring.  In her search, she seemed to be facing age discrimination. Organizations found her “too qualified” for the position and hired younger professionals. We worked tirelessly together to refine her professional brand and think outside the box for how to market herself and capture the attention of hiring managers up and down the east coast. Ultimately, she landed a senior position at an academic institution in her exact field! I just heard from her, and she said, “You helped me get my life back.” This is why I do what I do – it’s so inspiring to see people grow throughout the process and achieve so much!


The second year, life did get in the way.  My dad, a successful small business owner, received a devastating cancer diagnosed and declined rapidly, passing away after only a few months.  I was fortunate that I was able to spend the latter part of 2018 and earlier part of 2019 with him.  My dad was one of my biggest cheerleaders, and I can still feel his love and support with me.  As I’ve been developing this website, much of what he taught me shines through my “why” – why I started Second Wind, and why I enjoy helping people struggling with their job search and struggling with how to network.

Oftentimes, when contemplating a new role or position, we tend to just send application after application yet feel frustrated when we don’t get a response or an interview. It’s exhausting and often demoralizing.  For me, I don’t want another person who has spent all of their time and energy trying to continuously grow and develop, whether through education, work or some combination thereof, to feel undervalued simply because the job search is putting them in such a negative headspace.

After these few years of working with clients through Second Wind, I spent some time evaluating where my clients needed the most support and revamped my programs to help clients with the very struggles they are facing in their job search.

I hope you enjoy the new site, and share it with your friends or those you know who might need some support in either their upcoming job search or in how to build lasting professional relationships. You can also click here to apply to work with me!

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