Not in today’s market. Gone are the days when you can simply send a resume to a job posting and expect to hear back a few days later for an interview. Don’t get me wrong. It can happen. But it is rare. The market is more saturated than ever with talented and qualified individuals seeking their next position.

How do you make yourself stand out?

How do you rise to the top of the applicant pool and get the interview?

How do you surpass your competitors in the interview process and get hired?

I myself have spent countless hours scouring job search sites, writing cover letters, and applying online, and that approach no longer works. What if you could be more efficient in your search with a higher response rate from hiring managers? What if you had a brand new, legitimate way to market yourself to hiring managers and make them think of you first when a new opportunity arises? What if you could create that opportunity?

Why spend all your time applying online and ending up in the resume pit with everyone else? You have your own unique qualities and strengths that will make you an asset in your next position. Let’s find them and make them jump off the page. And, if you don’t have the oomph to wow hiring managers, we can fix that too.

Looking for your next position takes a Second Wind. It takes the know-how to navigate a competitive job market through professional branding and relationship-building. Don’t worry – it is not the style of networking you may think.

Insanity is the definition of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Don’t waste another minute struggling with your job search and making less than you are worth.

Let me help you show hiring managers why they should hire you!


“Jenn Holtz was introduced to me by a friend. I was looking for a career opportunity, and Jenn helped me tremendously. She was always ready to answer my phone calls (at any time of the day, even weekends!) in regards to my resume. I sent her a copy of my resume and she immediately started tweaking it and sent it back to me the very next day. It looked amazing and really showcased all my skills very well. I was very impressed. She selflessly worked on my resume and answered all my questions. She also gave me tips on how to get my profile up on LinkedIn and introduced me to the world of “metatags.” I would like to recommend Jenn and her services, She has given me an immense amount of career information and really strengthened my resume. Thank you Jenn!”

Kajal (Business Analyst)

“You could single handily replace career services and do their job at least 20 times better.”

Briannie (2nd year law student)

“A friend connected me with Jennifer and from the first initial conversation, I knew that I would gain a wealth of knowledge that would assist me with getting “unstuck” in my current job situation. Not only did Jennifer provide me with the analytical tools i needed to help me with the process of moving forward, she also enable me to see the potential locked within me that was being untapped due to fear. Jennifer provides excellent guidance when one is very serious with wanting to move forward in their career or landing a new job. I highly recommend her services.”

Nanette (Budget Analyst)

“As a classmate and colleague Jennifer has been a confidant and career adviser for the past 6 years. Any time I had been in between job prospects Jennifer would offer incredibly useful insight into resume and cover letter development as well as opportunities I should be exploring. Jennifer’s knowledge of government job application process, her amazing Washington experience and organized attention to detail make her an amazing career coach.”

Chris (Attorney)

“Jenn is a breath of fresh air in this stale task of looking for meaningful work. I came away from our initial meeting with renewed vigor in not just resuming my job search, but in exploring a whole new vocation and creating a ‘brand.’ She goes the extra mile in researching and sharing relevant information, networking opportunities, and making connections. I highly recommend her services.”

Tanya (Lawyer)

“Jenn not only helped me edit my resume but she helped me think about the job application process and networking in an entirely different way. Jenn really listens to who you are and the experiences you’ve had and works with you to make you the best candidate for whatever you’re hoping to achieve.”

Jill (sophomore, University of Virginia)