About Second Wind Career Strategies

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Why Second Wind Career Strategies?

As someone who has supported hundreds of professionals and students looking for positions across the country, I myself have been through the job search countless times. I’ve scheduled more networking meetings in a single day, stood outside the Cannon Caucus room during freshman orientation to land a position on Capitol Hill, and joined more than seven professional and alumni organizations in a single summer.

With a BA, MA, MSc, and JD, I interned every semester and worked every summer. Finding those positions required countless hours of networking, identifying professional groups to join, and sending resumes. These efforts occurred in a variety of economic climates, most recently in 2008 when I graduated from law school in a recession. I would schedule coffees, lunches, and drinks throughout the day, every day, to meet people, learn about them and their career path, and to get introduced to their friends and co-workers with similar interests.

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The hard work paid off, leading to jobs as a subject matter expert to a big four management consulting firm, a senior policy advisor at the GS-15 level with a cabinet level agency, a senior associate at a big law firm, Acting Division Chief and Deputy Division Chief with an independent agency, and now Vice President, Regulatory Affairs for a consulting firm. Throughout my education, I used my networking skills to land internships at leading tech and telecom trade associations and companies.

Over time, my friends and colleagues would ask me how to network and market themselves in such a competitive environment. Then, I started working with alumni and current students going through similar challenges with their job search, marking up their resumes, rewriting their cover letters, drafting networking emails to complete strangers, and teaching them how to network and build long-lasting professional relationships.

Through my work with hundreds of students and professionals, my customized action plans and proven strategies have helped clients craft and pitch the strongest versions of themselves and navigate their way into their next position, advancing in their careers and earning more money.

Given the positive feedback, client success, increased demand, and genuine satisfaction from helping others, I launched Second Wind Career Strategies.

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