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Does Your Career Need 
A Second Wind?

Looking To Land A New C-Suite Role Or Trying To Pivot To A New Career? Here’s How You Can Do Just That…(Regardless Of Your Circumstances…)

When Was The Last Time You Evaluated Your Career Goals?

Whether you’re an executive who’s returning to the workforce or are looking to pivot your career, it can be difficult to know where to start.

It may have also been years since you last had to send out a resume and wait for an interview!

If any of that sounds familiar, don’t hit that panic button just yet.

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Got The Job Phone Email

Here’s How Second Wind Will Give You An Edge.

Got The Job Phone Email
Whatever your goals may be, you don’t have to just rely on whatever comes up.

With my proven framework, you’ll learn how to expand your network and confidently pitch your dream companies or organizations.

I’ll also help you sharpen up your interviewing skills and or avoid common mistakes that make recruiters dump your resume on the “REJECTED” pile.

Want An Exclusive Sneak-Peek?

Get a head start in securing your new career with my “Get Hired On LinkedIn” guide and discover the common mistakes that could be stopping you from getting interviews and responses – And the best part?

It’s 100% FREE!

“You helped me get my life back. Thank you so much!”

– Sheri Prupis, Vice President

“You helped me get my life back. Thank you so much!”

– Sheri Prupis, Vice President

Executive Career Advice That ACTUALLY Helps…

Pressing the “Reset” button on your career is not easy. On the contrary, it can be mind-numbingly terrifying.

Created to help senior executives make a fresh start and elevate their careers, Second Wind Career Framework will help:

Boost Your Personal Branding Skills

Highlighting your key strengths is essential when hunting for a job. Second Wind will help you position yourself in the best way possible and stand out amongst the crowd, even if you have no idea where to start.

Overcome Common Career-Sabotaging Obstacles

Identifying perceived weaknesses is essential when finding a new career, but it can be difficult to know the “right” things to say. I’ll help you overcome these obstacles so that you have the confidence and clarity you need to get the job you deserve.

Show Confidence And Leave Potential Employers In Awe

Understanding and being confident in your unique value is critical to your job-hunting success. Discover how to tap into the power of your network, communicate your unique value proposition, and leave potential employers in awe of what you can offer.

Not getting responses on your job applications? Find out why…

What Other Executives Are Saying .

“I most appreciated Jen’s ability to zone in on what information and experiences I needed to make major decisions whether it’s how to secure a promotion, articulate my skillset in an impactful way, or change industries completely… and her tenacity to go out and deliver that information to me. Jen offered insightful, honest, and actionable advice that has helped me land in my dream job.”

– Julia Fish (Vice President)

“You helped me get my life back.”

– Sheri Prupis (Vice President)

“You really are doing 1000% more than the 4-5 headhunters who are supposedly assisting me with this expedited job search.”

– Robert Williams (Marketing Executive)

“Simply put – Jenn’s edition of my resume got me interviews and eventually my job.”

– Mark Greenberg (CIO)

“One thing I like about Jenn’s approach to professional development is how she helps her clients learn about themselves so they can confidently convey their strengths to potential employers. She really digs in and pays close attention to the details. If you want help finding employment, you will benefit from having her in your corner.”

– Guy Benson (Senior Attorney)

Give Your Career The Second Wind It Deserves