“You helped me get my life back. Thank you so much.”

Sheri (Higher Education)

Thank you again so much for all the time, effort, and expertise you have put into my job search. Your guidance really has been the one I have never seen before. Your expertise in networking, resume writing, and cover letter storytelling are the best I have encountered. I put the resume revised by you in a new folder, and I literally named the folder “My Best Resume,” because materials edited by you are truly the best in the world. You mentor me in a way that’s engaging, with concrete examples. Your openness to share your own materials is greatly appreciated.

Yuhan (Master's Candidate, Communications Management)

“You could single handily replace career services and do their job at least 20 times better.”

Briannie (2nd year law student)

Jenn was invaluable in my tumultuous job search after being laid off and unemployed for several months. During this time, I found myself feeling lost and with no sense of direction on which career path to pursue. All of that changed once I began working with her, and within a few weeks, I was able to achieve several interviews and finally land my dream job. She helped build up my confidence and effectively identified my strengths and abilities. I felt that she truly cared about me and was my own personal cheerleader the entire time I was working with her. I found Jenn to be an intuitive listener, kind, patient, and an all-around great mentor during a very difficult time in my life. She helped me get unstuck by giving me the tools and encouragement I needed to succeed in my job search. I am forever grateful for all of her guidance and I highly recommend Jenn to anyone who is looking for some assistance in their job search or in need of a career switch.

Yartiza (Volunteer Manager)

“Jenn Holtz selflessly worked on my resume and answered all my questions; it looked amazing and really showcased all my skills very well. I was very impressed.  She has given me an immense amount of career information and really strengthened my resume. I would like to recommend Jenn and her services.  Thank you Jenn!”

Kajal (Business Analyst)

“Jenn is a breath of fresh air in this stale task of looking for meaningful work. I came away from our initial meeting with renewed vigor in not just resuming my job search, but in exploring a whole new vocation and creating a ‘brand.’ She goes the extra mile in researching and sharing relevant information, networking opportunities, and making connections. I highly recommend her services.”

Tanya (Lawyer)

“A friend connected me with Jennifer and from the first initial conversation, I knew that I would gain a wealth of knowledge that would assist me with getting “unstuck” in my current job situation.   Not only did Jennifer provide me with the analytical tools i needed to help me with the process of moving forward, she also enabled me to see the potential locked within me that was being untapped due to fear.   Jennifer provides excellent guidance when one is very serious with wanting to move forward in their career or landing a new job.  I highly recommend her services.”

Nanette (Budget Analyst)

“As a classmate and colleague Jennifer has been a confidant and career adviser for the past 6 years.  Any time I had been in between job prospects Jennifer would offer incredibly useful insight into resume and cover letter development as well as opportunities I should be exploring.  Jennifer’s knowledge of government job application process, her amazing Washington experience and organized attention to detail make her an amazing career coach.”

Chris (Attorney)

“Jen offers an impressive list of connections across her expansive public sector, private corporation, and nonprofit networks and, when she couldn’t answer an immediate question or curiosity, she generously linked me to people who could. This is Jen’s greatest strength: she is a networker by nature and, moreover, a connector of the multi-dynamic, overlapping networks that comprise DC.  I most appreciated Jen’s ability to zone in on what information and experiences I needed to make major decisions whether it’s how to secure a promotion, articulate my skillset in an impactful way, or change industries completely… and her tenacity to go out and deliver that information to me. Jen offered insightful, honest, and actionable advice that has helped me land in my dream job.”

Julia (Consultant)

“When I first met Ms. Holtz, I immediately noticed her confidence. She was a person who was a go-getter and I wanted to emulate that. Though we did not meet for more than an hour – that time was invaluable to me.  I saw my resume transform into a powerful more effective tool which I could use to get jobs and internships. In fact I believe, some of the amazing work experiences I have had in the last year could not have happened without her influence and guidance. Therefore I would like to express my gratitude to Ms. Holtz, and I encourage all of you who are considering working with her to do so as soon as possible!”

Kyra (Rising senior at George Washington University)

“Jenn not only helped me edit my resume but she helped me think about the job application process and networking in an entirely different way. Jenn really listens to who you are and the experiences you’ve had and works with you to make you the best candidate for whatever you’re hoping to achieve.”

Jill (Sophomore, University of Virginia)