I never want another ambitious student or professional to feel like they don’t have options, like they are stuck and overwhelmed by the changing job market.

Nothing is worse than being told:

  • “No, you cannot do this.”
  • “You need more experience.”
  • “Sorry, you are overqualified for this position.”

I promise you that with me by your side, you can do this, and so much more when it comes to your career! Anything and everything is possible. I just help you devise the strategy and build the confidence to get there. My goal is to help you position yourself in the best possible way to find that next job in your career that recognizes your individual value and worth.


Gone are the days of feeling like you do not have enough experience or the ability to compete with your peers. This premium package gives you a step-by-step action plan for your job search with an expert by your side and includes everything you need to land your next position. It is a customized plan that is tailored just for you with the actual steps you need to take to land your next position, cutting down on lost time and lower paychecks.

This premium package includes six 60-90 minute virtual sessions over the course of up to three months AND custom-made templates for all of your job hunting needs so you won’t have to spend hours wondering how to write that cover letter, networking email or thank you letter.

We will work together on: Professional Brand | Resume | Cover Letter | LinkedIn | Networking | Job Search Strategy | Interviewing | Salary Negotiation

At the end of our time together, you will have:

Increased confidence, renewed vigor and a fresh perspective on building lasting relationships and landing your next position
A focused and articulate professional brand, showcasing your hidden accomplishments, and across a powerful resume, highly tailored cover letter, and LinkedIn profile
An actionable plan for making new contacts and growing existing relationships
Showcasing your interest and commitment to your field, capturing the attention of hiring managers.
The know-how to be a networking machine and actually enjoy it, using my proven strategies for building and maintaining professional relationships, landing you coffee dates and interviews and leaving people thinking, “I have got to hire this person.”
A self-awareness of your interview skills and solid interview prep skills, with the tools you need to ace your upcoming interviews.
The how-tos of salary negotiation to demand your worth and get the pay boost you deserve, developing the confidence and ability to demonstrate your value
A resume checklist and numerous templates for your cover letter, LinkedIn, networking emails, interview prep, and more!

Do you need this expedited? Ask about the premium VIP weekend package when you get in touch!


Let’s revamp your key marketing tools with a professional brand that demonstrates your value to future employers. Find new ways to add experience and accomplishments to your resume. Pitch employers with a custom letter showing your understanding of the organization and its needs.

This Mini Package offers four 60-90 minute virtual sessions where we will work together on your resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills.

At the end of our time together, you will have:

A powerful and articulate resume showcasing your strengths and skills;
A pithy cover letter highly tailored to your ideal company or job; and
An honest assessment of your interviewing skills and a deep dive into prepping for the next interview, with my unique strategy for mastering the interview.

Please note that the Mini package does not include on options to expedite services.


Second Wind offers students and recent graduates customized, small group workshops for 4-10 participants where we will:

Create your professional brand
Develop an action plan to start building your professional development profile, which will demonstrate your interest to potential employers.
Formulate a networking strategy early on in your academic career to land you and your friends internships at the leading organizations in your field, well before you graduate or need that internship.
Build a resume that highlights your education, experience, and accomplishments.
Craft a compelling cover letter targeted to your dream job or internship.
Master interviewing skills with some mock interview practice.