Go ahead, raise your hand. Admit it. You did, didn’t you? Yes, I’m talking to you.

You just submitted your umpteenth resume to yet another online job post, didn’t you? Have you
ever heard the saying:

Insanity is the definition of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

Pop Quiz
Well, what else am I supposed to do? I can’t stay at my job any longer and this job search is completely exhausting. Let’s consider the alternatives.
A Sit cross-legged on your yoga mat, willing the job to come to you. In Bali.
B Maybe this time, you tailor your resume and add some keys words from the job post and write a targeted cover letter as to why the organization should hire you.
C Go to another alumni happy hour, leaving with several business cards, of fantastic people who work in completely different fields.
D Hire a career and networking strategist, like myself, to help energize you, keep you organized, and develop a custom strategy to land that next job.

Option A
How many of you chose A? If I had sent out 100 resumes and hadn’t heard back either, I’d pick A too. I’d be mentally exhausted and in need of some island meditation!

Option B
So B seems like a good choice, right? And sometimes, it can be. But if you just do this and nothing else to support you in your job search, you might as well go back to your yoga mat.

Option C
Okay, so don’t be shy. Who chose option D? I certainly did after law school. I went to every single alumni happy hour and we are talking four schools here so that makes for a lot of happy hours. It was a great experience, but I would also probably have found myself on my yoga mat meditating again if I didn’t quickly reset my expectations. Alumni events are great networking events, but if you have a focus and target, you may not find them to be spot on in your career search. You want to find events specific to your areas of interest where you can meet people from your target companies.

So What Should I Do?

You may want to consider Option D.

At the end of the day, no one thing will get you a job. It takes a multi-faceted approach of targeted resumes and cover letters where you take the time to make them relevant to the place you are applying to, a detailed strategy to get yourself noticed at the places you are most interested in, and a strategic networking approach so you don’t end up spending your evenings hopping from one happy hour to another with no job prospects.

Now, who on earth has the time to do all this and in an organized and strategic way no less while making sure their documents are error free? Absolutely no one. You can’t see what you can’t see. That’s why you may consider working with someone like me to infuse that second wind you need to sustain yourself through such a process. Having someone on the outside who is not immersed in your daily job struggles will be able to help you look at your approach from a completely different perspective and infuse some fresh thinking.

About Second Wind Career Strategies
Looking for your next position takes a second wind. It takes the know-how to navigate a competitive job market through professional branding and networking. Don’t waste another minute struggling with your job search and making less than you are worth. Let Second Wind Career Strategies help you show hiring managers why they should hire you! Apply here to work with Second Wind Career Strategies or visit Second Wind Career Strategies on LinkedIn to learn more.