COLLEGE students.

You are in college. You aren’t thinking about jobs after graduation because you have essays to write, parties to attend, studying to do, and projects to complete at your internship. You are in the best position now to lay the groundwork for that perfect job when you graduate. Given the competitive marketplace, you are in perfect position to explore all the types of career paths while building a professional network.

People looking for jobs tend to be in a crunch and want that new job now. If you could plan it perfectly, you would already have that network in place when it came time to start your job hunt, and you wouldn’t have to needlessly send resume after resume after resume to 100 online job postings. Now is the best time to identify the types of people you want in your professional circle and to learn from them as mentors while you are in school exploring your options. By the time you graduate, you will have a circle of people invested in your professional development and career growth.

This is where I come in. I will work with you to identify those areas of interest and teach you step by step how to network so when the time comes, you will have a built-in support system. We will work together to craft a strategy on how to develop your professional brand and how to present yourself to possible employers. It’s almost like working backwards from where you want to be. The more strategic you are, the more ready you will be to take advantage of whatever opportunity, expected or not, comes your way.


Graduate and Professional Students


Young Professionals


Mid-Senior Level Career